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A devotion to smart compression therapy

FeelTect is a medical device start-up based in Galway, Ireland. Our flagship technology, Tight Alright, was developed with a mission to improve the application of compression therapy, primarily for the millions of people worldwide with active Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs). During the treatment of VLUs, correct application of compression therapy is crucial for overcoming venous insufficiency, restoring circulation, and achieving successful healing. If compression is too loose the therapy is ineffectual, and if it’s too tight it’s dangerous. Despite this, there is currently no accurate feedback provided on the level of pressure applied during routine compression therapy.

At FeelTect, we aim to address this poorly addressed clinical need via Tight Alright’s ability to accurately measure and continuously monitor sub-bandage pressure. In addition to ensuring safety and efficacy through the consistent provision of evidence-based therapy, other key benefits include the ability to monitor compliance and to empower patients to engage in their own therapy. Ultimately, Tight Alright will facilitate reduced VLU healing times by enabling users to consistently apply compression therapy correctly and confidently.


We believe that FeelTect’s technology can provide a greater understanding of the relationship between the therapy provided and healing outcomes. In doing so, it has the potential to shape a new gold-standard of clinical therapy. We’ve only just started, but our team is driven to ensure that every product we build is based on a dedication to improved therapy and a compassion for the patients we serve.

‘Connected Health’, Pressure Sensing Device for Compression Therapy of Venous Leg Ulcers

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