A solution for improved compression therapy

The heart of the Tight Alright technology is a pressure sensing device that can be easily and securely attached to a compression bandage, where it measures and monitors sub-bandage pressure. Sub-bandage pressure signals are wirelessly transmitted to a user-friendly app, which allows for convenient viewing of live readings or recorded data. The unmet clinical need that Tight Alright addresses, i.e. a way to consistently provide evidence-based sub-bandage pressure during compression therapy, was first identified by Dr Andrew Cameron during his time as a Fellow in the BioInnovate Ireland programme. Since then, development of the Tight Alright solution has been driven by a multi-disciplinary and highly skilled team of engineers, clinicians, academics, and business advisors.

How Tight Alright Works

Combining cost-effective technology with smart design

Tight Alright uses cost-effective technology and smart design to overcome the limitations of current pressure sensing systems by allowing for easy, versatile, accurate, unobtrusive and comfortable placement of the device. This enables reliable sub-bandage pressure measurement over any region of the bandage, regardless of the patient profile. Moreover, Tight Alright allows for continuous monitoring of sub-bandage pressure, meaning it can be used as a tool for achieving concordance between patients and healthcare providers.

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